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The mandate for this work results from the awareness that something fundamental has been lost in our society. An African proverb says, “if we don’t initiate the young, they will burn down the village.” Physical, emotional and mental security and integrity are the highest priority for both the young people we work with and for the mentors! In Europe, Doris Mumenthaler and Stefan Hermann offer leadership certification trainings. Each certified leader continues to be supervised and must recertified every two years.

Founder Stefan Hermann has extensive experience in multiple disciplines within the self-development field. He has led almost 100 weekends with up to 90 men and boys participating. He benefits from the experience of founding and successfully implementing BoysToMen centers around the world.

GenDerations focuses on the mentor’s relationship with the young people and their often deep and existential questions related to growing up and becoming adults. A higher value is put on examining a topic together rather than just knowing the answer. Most recent neurobiological findings confirm what BoysToMen has emphasized for many years: without joy and interconnectedness to others, there is no effective learning and growing.

Working with young people, GenDerations has generated answers to the fundamental question “what does it mean to be a healthy, mature human being?” The answer includes elements of respect for nature, having made peace with one’s mother and father, recognizing one’s role in the upbringing of future generations, reflecting on one’s sexuality, being a role model, and defining one’s life purpose and living it.

The GenDerations program is based on five components which are integrated to create a single whole:

  • The school program, as well as the open intensive weeks or weekends, offer the opportunity to deepen self-awareness through rituals, games, group discussions, adventure-educational activities and exercises designed to increase awareness of personal limitations. These activities help to build new trust in oneself and others. These experiences are enhanced and integrated with the help of mentoring. In the school program, GenDerations offers relief for the ever-increasing stress teachers experience by planning and conducting project weeks and class camps, as well as the two years of mentoring for young people in grades 8, 9 and 10.

  • The GenDerations mentor training program recruits volunteers from corporate environments, with an emphasis on social skills and word-of-mouth marketing.

  • The GenDerations leader training program for educators and social workers in preparation for certification as leaders of GenDerations programs.

  • The GenDerations “Open” Program for young people who can’t be reached through the school program.

  • The GenDerations Fatherhood and Motherhood Circles offers motivated parents tools to establish local father/son and mother/daughter mentoring circles. They offer caring and community to their children in puberty. This is also called the Grassroots program.